Saturday, 7 March 2009

Battle for Britain Roadshow - From Morley Town Hall

Battle of Britain Roadshow Morley Town Hall from BNPtv on Vimeo.

Battle for Britain Roadshow - East Midlands

The Battle for Britain Roadshow is now going regional, it will be coming to the East Midlands on Wednesday 25th March.

Tickets are now available please call 07891 216822 to reserve yours today.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Operation Fightback!

And about time too!

If you are guilty of spreading lies or misinformation about the British National Party, watch out, it could be your doorstep next!

Battle for Britain Roadshow 2009

Last night saw around 200 patriots descend on a venue in Coventry to celebrate the launch of the BNP's 2009 European Roadshow Campaign. 1940's war time era was the theme of the evening (the tickets being replica ration vouchers), with a sing along of wartime songs and speeches from the Party Chairman Nick Griffin.

An extremely moving film from BNPtv showing the history of the British Isles and its indigenous people, and how the traitorous establishment is destroying everything our forefathers fought and died for, not a dry eye could be found in the room.

The message from the Party Chairman was that 2009 will indeed be the year of the BNP and that this is just the end of the beginning.

For too long the British National Party,its members and the British people as a whole have been vilified, mocked and downtrodden except, that is, when it comes to taxes.

The time of the British National Party is coming, the British people have had enough it is time our country was returned to its rightful owners.

Greasley results

The result for Greasley (Newthorpe and Giltbrook)ward is as follows.

The full result was:
Greasley (Giltbrook & Newthorpe) ward

Penny Spenceley-Stevens (Con) 1125
Ed Jacobs (Lab) 600

Wayne Shelbourn (BNP) 301
Gwen Robb (Lib-Dem) 232
Keith Marriott (UKIP) 31

BNP Percentage: 13.1%

We are not too disappointed with the result, considering the adverse publicity the BNP has had locally in recent months. Our main objectives are the European elections in June in which to have an East Midlands MEP elected we require a 13% vote share in the region as a whole, which we achieved in Greasley alone, a well known Tory stronghold.

On a more positive note, during the campaign Broxtowe has received 33 membership enquiries (the total of the UKIP vote) which will be followed up with home visits with party literature. To turn these enquiries into new members and future activists will be a fantastic achievement.

We would like to congratulate Penny Spenceley-Stevens for becoming the new Conservative Councillor for the Greasley ward and wish her all the best in her new role.