Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Racial Equality and Harmony?

In relation to my previous post which shows in black and white (excuse the pun) that racism is alive and well in Britain today but only if you are white working class, I have recently received a job application form for a national company. Ironically the Equality form which was included in the pack clearly states that if I am white, British, I will excluded from the selection process. (Click the image to enlarge it).

However, nowhere on the form does it state that anyone cannot be a member of the IRA, Animal Liberation Front, Al Qaeda or any other crank religious fanatic or Islamic terrorist organisation. They clearly would be permitted to work for this company.

Surely this cannot be legal? Personally, I am no terrorist, neo nazi, criminal or anything else that would seemingly jeopardise this company's interests. I am a member of a legal British political party. How am I a threat? It is because I represent a party that threatens to push corrupt noses out of troughs, I oppose the warped agenda that this government adheres to.

So the policy is racial equality and harmony is it? It is a shame the very same government did not enforce racial equality and harmony on the vile mobs rampaging through our cities streets over the last week or so in so called "protests" over the Gaza situation.

My last two posts clearly shows that racism is evidently alive and well if you are white and working class in Nu Labour's Britain and would continue to be so under a Blue Labour Britain.
So would I really want to work for such an openly discriminatory and racist organisation anyway? As they say, I will be keeping their details on file for future reference.

There is only one way to end discrimination against our own people, by voting BNP in the County elections and the Euro elections in June!!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Equality for All?

Below is a copied and pasted version of a job advert placed in the Sentinel by Staffordshire Council. (Just to prove I haven't made this up, the link to the actual page is at the bottom of this post).

Wouldn't it be great to see someone place an advert that clearly stated White British need only apply?

Arts and Museum Trainee

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Stafford
Salary: Undisclosed
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Training Course
Reference: 185907-1285571424005

Add to Shortlist

You've got the drive to succeed and we've got the opportunity to match within our dynamic and changing organisation. Working at the heart of the community, we are dedicated to making a difference to the people of Staffordshire through the delivery of customer-focused services that enhance the quality of life for all.

Arts and Museum Trainee
£5,500 training allowance * Shugborough nr Stafford and Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford * POSITIVE ACTION TRAINEESHIP PROGRAMME * 24 WEEK WORK PLACEMENT WITH BURSARY

People from ethnic minorities are under represented in the museum and gallery workforce. Renaissance West Midlands, part of the Museum, Libraries and Archive Council's groundbreaking programme to transform England's regional museums, is supporting Diversity in the Workforce by funding 24 week work placements throughout the West Midlands region.

As part of this initiative Staffordshire Arts & Museum Service is offering an opportunity for a candidate from the Black or Minority Ethnic Communities to gain experience of working in a museum as an Arts and Museum Trainee.

Working at the Arts and Museum Service at Shugborough, near Stafford, and the Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford you will be involved in assisting with the management of the collections, the development of exhibitions, the front of house role, audience development, marketing and the promotion of the visual arts.

You should have keen interest and enthusiasm in pursuing a career in the heritage sector, a knowledge and interest of history or related fields, excellent communication skills and a good level of education.
Closing date: 30th January 2009.
Proposed placement start date: March 2009.

If you are from a Black or Minority Ethnic community and would like further information or to apply please visit our website at staffordshire.gov.uk/CLL1507 or request a postal pack by ringing 0845 452 0538 (24 hour answerphone) quoting job reference number CLL1507 Section 37(1) of the Race Relations Act 1976 applies.

These positions are subject to a "disclosure" check under the "Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974". Further details regarding this check and Staffordshire County Council's employment policy will be found within the application pack.

This Authority/school is committed to safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children and young people/vulnerable adults and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Working towards equality for all


Sunday, 4 January 2009


All that is good, and kind, and honest, and generous, in the British nation, is being steadily, surreptitiously, and stealthily replaced with all that is evil, and bad, and dishonest, and corrupt, in Europe.

The British democratic principle, in which the people are sovereign and the state is the servant of the people, is being exchanged for the traditional, undemocratic, totalitarian, European way, where the state is sovereign and the people are the subjects of the state. The unsuspecting British people are being led by their Monarch, supported by her Parliament, the Establishment, the Judiciary, and the Church into the bleak abyss of the oppressive, Franco German EU Reich.

Over the past forty to fifty years the Queen, and her successive governments, have prepared the way for the destruction of this nation by eroding, to their virtual termination, our base industries, vehicle production, ship building, steel, coal, farming, and fishing. The supremacy of the people's territorial waters has been surrendered, along with the supremacy of their Constitution, their laws, and their right to self-government.

The Queen has co-operated with her governments in the dismantling of the nation's defence forces to a dangerously low level, and the deliberate, and enforced, introduction of practices to the detriment of good order and discipline.
Over the past twenty years, or so, the Queen, and her governments, have removed the police from the community and distanced them from the people by means of centralisation of controls, in the preparation of creating a state police to uphold state policy when the EU Reich finally usurps the last vestiges of the peoples sovereignty.

The Queen, and her governments, have, by ignoring the Constitution, introduced devolution, and regionalised England in preparation for the final dismantling of the nation state, and its absorption into the EU Reich of the Regions, in accord with the German Lander system.

Further to this preparation, the Queen by tacit consent, allowed her governments to decimalise the nation's ancient coinage, to make the use of European measurements compulsory, and to make it a criminal offence for British subjects to use their traditional measurements, which the Queen swore to protect and uphold at the time of her coronation.

All these things the Queen, and her governments, supported by Parliament, the Establishment, the Judiciary, and the Church, have forced upon the British people, introduced by lies and deceitful means, aided and abetted by the Queen, who in her state opening of Parliament speeches omitted to announce to the people that it was the intention of her government to engage in actions that can, and must be, seen as acts of treason against the state.

All these things which have been, and are still being, unlawfully denied the British people, their inalienable right to be a free, and independent people, self-governing, and of self-political determination, the supremacy of their Constitution, and their laws, their rights to fish their lawful territorial waters, their rights to use their own traditional weights and measures, and to decide what foreigners may live in their land, the Queen swore to protect, and uphold, in the sight of God, at the time of her coronation.

At the very least the British people have a right to know why the Queen has reneged on her coronation oath to her people, and so broken the contract she made with them when they entrusted her with the Crown, and made her the Head of State and Governor of the nation, and placed the nation's Armed Forces, and the civil police, under her command, and made her the Governor of the nation's Church.

If the Queen continues to refuse to explain her actions, and non actions, and continues to endorse Parliament's unlawful use of power to further the destruction of the nation state, and refuses to recognise and uphold the people's lawful right to secure a remedy for the unlawful actions already engaged in by Parliament, then the people have a lawful right of redress, under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, which they may secure by any means at their disposal.

If the people fail to force the Queen's hand in this regard, then it is doubtful if the British nation will last another decade.

Bob Lomas. The Magna Carta Society.