Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Which one do they want to ban?

The BNP's Red White & Blue Festival 2008

The BNP were denied an entertainment and alcohol licence for the annual Red White and Blue family festival, a massive campaign organised by extreme left wing groups and the media attempted to have to event banned, the BNP were then threatened with court action for holding an unlicenced Punch & Judy Show - and no we are not joking!

London Notting Hill Carnival 2008

In stark contrast, the violent Notting Hill Carnival was allowed to go ahead,
but ended with 488 arrests! 11,000 police officers were deployed at a cost to the British taxpayer of £6m. Officers were pelted with bottles, bricks and steel bars, one officer was glassed in the face.
Is this Labour's idea of multicultural harmony?

You can end this madness - vote BNP

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Why the BNP appeals

I would like to share with you a letter spotted in last weekend’s Nottingham Evening Post from a Peter West of Puntous in France.

Eric Goodyer's latest tirade (August 19) – this time against the British National Party – shows that he is totally out of touch with ordinary people.
On my visits back to the East Midlands, I have been surprised by the number of ordinary, decent people who have told me that they will be voting for the BNP. None is racist or extremist. Indeed, they are far less extreme than the Euro-fanatic Mr Goodyer.
The reason that they are proposing to vote BNP is that they are fed up with the three main parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat, who do not keep promises, carry out policies which were not in their manifestos, bend the truth out of all recognition and totally ignore the public's genuine opinions and worries.
The British people have always been tolerant of immigrants – far more tolerant than some of the immigrants themselves – but they did not vote for the mass immigration we have seen in the 21st Century.
They voted in 1975 to join a European trading community. They did not vote for a federal Europe.
They did not vote for Gordon Brown's 950,000 extra civil servants, for political correctness or the Big Brother nanny state, nor for Mr Brown to sell off our gold reserves at knock-down prices while increasing taxes almost daily, nor for the war in Iraq, nor for increased violence on the streets while the police arrest innocent victims who try to defend themselves.
These are the reasons they are considering voting for the BNP, not because they are racists.
But, like all his political cronies, Eric Goodyer will not listen. It is obvious from his many letters that he regards the opinions of ordinary people with the utmost contempt.
That is why the BNP vote will continue to grow and why Mr Goodyer will struggle to save his deposit at the next General Election.
PETER WEST Puntous France

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Brinsley Car Boot Sale

Members from the Broxtowe Group held a car boot sale in Brinsley this weekend to raise funds for the Group. (Pictured above, Nina Brown the Broxtowe Organiser and Kim Page the Broxtowe Fundraiser).

It had been intended for the sale to go ahead several weeks ago, but the good old British weather had prevented this. On Saturday morning the sun was shining which gave us no excuses, our garages and car boots just had to be emptied. As we arrived at 7.15am on the picturesque and rural site there were already around 50 stall already set up and trading. The car boot really is growing bigger each year and is a successful local event held on Saturday and Wednesday mornings.

Several items had been donated to the Group from local supporters and members, from clothes, shoes, IT equipment, fishing items, bicycles, scooters, pictures and a few items of furniture. Thanks to everyone concerned.

We left just before lunchtime with around £140 raised for the Group.

Well done to all involved.

Councillor Wayne McDermott

Broxtowe Group would like to congratulate Wayne McDermott on his election onto Ellistown Parish Council.

Wayne works tirelessly for the Party as the East Midlands Election Officer which makes his success so special. He actually won the two-seat vacancy by-election with 260 votes which was 31.3% of the votes cast. The Lib-Dems came bottom of the poll with just 71 votes finishing behind two Independent candidates. The Lib-Dems had put out THREE anti-BNP smear leaflets against Wayne and brought in Labour Party bullyboys to help deliver them.

The smear leaflets backfired though and Wayne was duly elected to serve his community in North West Leicestershire.

Well done Wayne a success truly deserved!

Red, White and Blue 2008

2008’s Red White and Blue Festival has to be, on all accounts, the most successful yet, despite the extreme left wing and media campaign to stop it.

Several comments I have read claim that there were only a handful of people attended this year because there were only a few cars parked in the field which is used as car park. Wishful thinking on their part, the simple truth is that an extra field was made available this year for camping which meant many attendees were able to park their cars alongside their caravans and tents. From what I've heard, the number of wristbands sold throughout the entire weekend was well over 3,000.

This year the Broxtowe stall included a selection of soft drinks, fresh fruit (supplied locally) and gollywogs, (which caused so much of a stir they managed to get a mention in the Sunday Star) together with Charnwood, Derby, North Kesteven, Melton, Leicestershire, North West Leicestershire, Ashfield, Amber Valley and East Lindsey, the East Midlands Region managed to scoop second prize for the most varied marquee. Plans are already being made to go for first place next year. Watch this space.

As the East Midlands marquee was situated right next to the Political tent, it was easier to keep popping in and out to hear the guest speakers whilst serving the steady stream of customers throughout the weekend. Along with Simon Darby’s opening address, the few political speeches we did manage to catch, from Richard Barnbrook, Arthur Kemp and Marc Abramsson from the National Democrats Party in Sweden, were outstanding. Apologies for not having a more detailed report of the weekend, we were kept extremely busy running the stall, which meant we didn’t get to visit other marquee’s. Broxtowe did manage to make a small profit, which will be put towards next year’s elections.

Even though the event had to eventually go ahead without a music or alcohol licence, there was entertainment galore, the ever popular Morris Men, fire-eating, a Punch and Judy for the children, tug of war, to name but a few. Despite a few spots of rain, the Saturday night was highlighted by the spectacular firework display by Stuart and Wendy Russell.

The whole weekend was rounded off with the entrance of Nick at his closing speech riding on the Truth Truck which was unveiled on Sunday afternoon. Nick’s speech was as rousing as ever and the site of him wiping away a few stray tears as he belted out Jerusalem, didn’t go unnoticed.

If you didn’t manage to make this year’s event, make sure you come along next year, you will be glad you did!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Nick Griffin returns to Broxtowe

BNP Party Chairman Nick Griffin was warmly welcomed back to Broxtowe last night to an enthusiastic audience of over 100.

Broxtowe organiser Nina Brown opened the meeting with a report detailing plans for the group in the run up to the County and Euro elections next year. It had been rumoured on various left wing sites that after the recent problems the Broxtowe BNP Group no longer existed, this was convenient for us as we were able to quietly concentrate on fundraising, increasing the sale of the party literature, which has more than doubled since this time last year, and holding several social evenings with our members throughout the Broxtowe borough.

East Midlands Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens then reported how he has seen many attempted splits during his many years involvement with Nationalist Parties and had not been surprised when it failed.

Maurice Collett made an announcement that although he was still in the process of collecting funds raised for his sponsored bike ride from Leicestershire to Skegness recently. The total so far is just over £2,000.

After a break for tea, coffee and biscuits, the Party Chairman held a question and answer session with questions from the audience on a range of hot topics such as crime, the energy crisis, immigration and the EU. No politician from any of the parties would attempt this without carefully filtered questions and delicately worded answers.

A collection of £375, along with money from the sale of Excalibur merchandise funds raised during the evening totalled £588. Nina thanked everyone that had made the meeting possible, Dave Brown, Martyn and Kim Page, Adey and Caroline Woods, Wendy Russell Linda Moore and not forgetting the security team who had travelled from outside the area to ensure the safety of everyone attending the meeting.