Saturday, 9 August 2008

Nick Griffin returns to Broxtowe

BNP Party Chairman Nick Griffin was warmly welcomed back to Broxtowe last night to an enthusiastic audience of over 100.

Broxtowe organiser Nina Brown opened the meeting with a report detailing plans for the group in the run up to the County and Euro elections next year. It had been rumoured on various left wing sites that after the recent problems the Broxtowe BNP Group no longer existed, this was convenient for us as we were able to quietly concentrate on fundraising, increasing the sale of the party literature, which has more than doubled since this time last year, and holding several social evenings with our members throughout the Broxtowe borough.

East Midlands Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens then reported how he has seen many attempted splits during his many years involvement with Nationalist Parties and had not been surprised when it failed.

Maurice Collett made an announcement that although he was still in the process of collecting funds raised for his sponsored bike ride from Leicestershire to Skegness recently. The total so far is just over £2,000.

After a break for tea, coffee and biscuits, the Party Chairman held a question and answer session with questions from the audience on a range of hot topics such as crime, the energy crisis, immigration and the EU. No politician from any of the parties would attempt this without carefully filtered questions and delicately worded answers.

A collection of £375, along with money from the sale of Excalibur merchandise funds raised during the evening totalled £588. Nina thanked everyone that had made the meeting possible, Dave Brown, Martyn and Kim Page, Adey and Caroline Woods, Wendy Russell Linda Moore and not forgetting the security team who had travelled from outside the area to ensure the safety of everyone attending the meeting.


Anonymous said...

a big thankyou to broxtowe bnp .i came to the meeting and really enjoyed it .nick was he manages to answer questions so expertly from any one there about anything is beyond me.
it was the first time i have heard him speak and i,m well impressed.the whole meeting was proffesionally done from start to finish.....thankyou

Anonymous said...

Great to see the Chairman back in Broxtowe after the Kimberley debacle. Well done to all involved.