Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Why the BNP appeals

I would like to share with you a letter spotted in last weekend’s Nottingham Evening Post from a Peter West of Puntous in France.

Eric Goodyer's latest tirade (August 19) – this time against the British National Party – shows that he is totally out of touch with ordinary people.
On my visits back to the East Midlands, I have been surprised by the number of ordinary, decent people who have told me that they will be voting for the BNP. None is racist or extremist. Indeed, they are far less extreme than the Euro-fanatic Mr Goodyer.
The reason that they are proposing to vote BNP is that they are fed up with the three main parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat, who do not keep promises, carry out policies which were not in their manifestos, bend the truth out of all recognition and totally ignore the public's genuine opinions and worries.
The British people have always been tolerant of immigrants – far more tolerant than some of the immigrants themselves – but they did not vote for the mass immigration we have seen in the 21st Century.
They voted in 1975 to join a European trading community. They did not vote for a federal Europe.
They did not vote for Gordon Brown's 950,000 extra civil servants, for political correctness or the Big Brother nanny state, nor for Mr Brown to sell off our gold reserves at knock-down prices while increasing taxes almost daily, nor for the war in Iraq, nor for increased violence on the streets while the police arrest innocent victims who try to defend themselves.
These are the reasons they are considering voting for the BNP, not because they are racists.
But, like all his political cronies, Eric Goodyer will not listen. It is obvious from his many letters that he regards the opinions of ordinary people with the utmost contempt.
That is why the BNP vote will continue to grow and why Mr Goodyer will struggle to save his deposit at the next General Election.
PETER WEST Puntous France


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