Sunday, 28 September 2008

Left Wing Fascism

An interesting video depicting who the real Fascists are. Most of them are obviously so intensely brainwashed at university and so full of hate for their own kind, they no longer have the basic ability to think independently and about the irony of exactly just what it is they are supposed to be opposing, mainly freedom of speech. Music provided by Morrisey, one of the very few celebrities that have had the guts to speak out despite being lambasted by left wing fascists. He is guilty of the crime we in the British National Party are all guilty of, speaking the truth.

Activism in Broxtowe

Whilst leafleting in Stoke last week with a couple of Broxtowe members that had driven over to help out, they asked me if I minded them distributing leaflets in around their own areas, now these offers come around only once in a blue moon, so today I had a drive over to deliver a few hundred copies of the Voice of Freedom and a box of leaflets. No BNP leaflet has ever been distributed in this area before so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

We already have regular leafleting sessions in place and a vast area has been covered in Broxtowe already which has resulted in a fantastic response, but the further we can spread the word the better. The group is definitely growing, it is attracting a lot of interest, not only from our own activism but also just by talking to people, their dismay and fury about state of the country today and fear of what lies ahead. There is no longer trust in LibLabCon, people are now looking for an alternative. The BNP are that alternative.

If you would like to join our leafleting team, please contact me, details are on this website.

Friday, 26 September 2008

The new Hovis advert

I don't know about you but I just love this advert, a stark reminder of how things used to be. It makes a refreshing change from the usual politically correct garbage .....shall we take bets on how long it is before it disappears from our screens due to complaints of it being hideously white?

Arthur Kemp speaks in Ashfield

Yet another hectic evening at yet another successful East Midlands meeting, this time the venue was in Ashfield. Mick Clarke the Ashfield Organiser chaired the meeting which saw "The return of Arthur Kemp" said to be the party's number one speaker. Arthur spoke at an Ashfield meeting earlier this year, he was so popular many people demanded his return. When you have heard one of Arthur's dynamic speeches you will understand why.

The evening began with Mick talking about the huge BNP interest in the Ashfield area, which has only really begun in the last couple of years when Mick took over the Ashfield Group, I was present at his very first meeting of which there were only a handful of people, this has since been transformed into a highly successful group with over a hundred present at tonights meeting. Second to speak was Selston Parish Councillor and Parent Governor, Darran Burke who spoke about his experiences when first being elected onto a Parish Council, he recalls initially being treated with caution and how perceptions quickly changed with other councillors contacting him for help. Their misconceptions regarding both him and the BNP totally unfounded.

Arthur, as usual, had everyone mesmerised as he spoke about the way in which the British people have suffered years of anti white racism from the rotten establishment. He spoke about the recent looney left protest at the Chinese invasion of Tibet destroying the Tibetan culture and heritage, saying that the invasion is disgusting and immoral can they really not see the irony? Yes it is disgusting, but why is mass immigration and why are illegal asylum seekers welcomed with open arms into Britain? Proof in itself that there is an unmistakable agenda here to destroy our British culture, heritage and freedom. Something that cannot and will not be allowed to happen. Anyone that endorses this daily anti white racism in several guises, as the Black Police Association, Miss Black Great Britain. Black Firefighters Association, Asian Police Association, etc etc etc. spits on the graves of the thousands upon thousands of young men that gave their lives to ensure the freedom of this country.

At the end of the meeting Arthur auctioned a signed copy of his book "The March of the Titans" which raised £70 for the Ashfield Group along with £200 taken during the collection.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Nick Griffin in Derby

Several of us travelled over to Derby last night to attend yet another successful local BNP meeting, chaired by Angie Fearns from the Derby Group. Around 50 people attended which included a Derbyshire Telegraph journalistSpecial guest speaker was the Party Chairman Nick Griffin who spoke about the current devastating financial crisis in Britain, the breakdown of our society which has without a doubt been deliberately manipulated by past and present governments over the last 30 or so years. He also spoke about our communist based establishment's ideology which they think gives them a legitimate right to abolish our basic freedoms. They believe their no borders policies will save the world from any future wars. Wrong! The railroaded EU treaty will be just one reason that will cause massive civil unrest across Europe, but don't worry the EU elite already have that one covered in the guise of our EU State Police Force who will eventually replace our own localised forces, but they will be controlled from Brussels.

It had been reported about a year ago in the Times by Admiral Chris Parry, Head of the Ministy of Defence's Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, that the end result of Labour's (and Tories) wonderful multicultural "experiment" will end in a bloodbath. No ifs or buts, the end result of this enrichment nightmare will be the total collapse of our society which will be akin to the collapse of the Roman Empire. When we talk of this we don't mean in generations to come, but in the next 5 - 7 years. Worrying stuff.

Now here's a little bit of trivia I learned tonight, did you know that in the 1930's there were less than 500 burglaries per year in England and Wales combined? Probably more than that in a month in many of our cities today. Shocking isn't it?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Gordon Brown Puppet

I want to share this video with you, I found it on our friend The Green Arrow's website this evening after yet another successful evenings leafleting in and around Broxtowe.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Brian Gerrish and Common Purpose

If you have never heard of Common Purpose then I suggest you take a couple of hours and watch this video. All the questions you have been asking but no one knows the answers.

How is all our tax money is being spent?
Who are the instigators of political correctness?
Why was the National Lottery set up and where is all the money going?
Why are ethnic minorities having priority treatment over the indigenous British?
This video explains it all and much, much more.

Now you know the truth you have a responsibility to expose this organisation and make people aware of what is happening.

More information on Common Purpose here

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Broxtowe leafleting sessions

I have just returned from hand delivering 16 British National Party enquiry packs. These enquiries have come only 2 weeks into Broxtowe's now regular weekly leafleting sessions. Enquiries have come in a variety of forms, the most successful being text enquiries.

If you would like an enquiry pack or would like to join us on a leafleting session, please contact the Broxtowe Group on 07891 216822, you will be made more than welcome.

BBC's opinion on the good people of Stoke

Well we didnt have to wait too long for the inevitable did we?’t-read-–-that’s-why-they-vote-bnp-says-bbc/

Above is a link to the British National Party website which shows a report from the BBC and what they think about the people of Stoke.

The saying give them enough rope springs to mind!!!

I would suggest they try telling that to all these supporters

Stoke Day of Action in memory of Keith Brown

Around 15 of us from Ashfield, Amber Valley, Broxtowe and Derby made our way to Stoke yesterday morning to provide support for the Day of Action organised to highlight the disgusting sentencing handed out to Habib Khan after he murdered BNP activist Keith Brown. As I said previously this was not a one of incident, this is happening with alarming regularity up and down the country, racist crimes which sees non whites as the perpetrators and whites as the victims being hushed up and conveniently swept under the carpet. This has to end and today is the day the British people say that Enough is Enough, this cannot be allowed to continue. We are not asking for anything extra, no special treatment just recognition from the police, the courts and the British media that racism is not exclusive to whites and when a crime is committed by a non white they are brought to justice in the same way if it were the other way round.

The planning for the whole day appeared slick and professional, the only problem I heard about was more people turning up at the rendezvous than had been expected, which put the organiser in a brief panic. All groups were given pre arranged meeting places, as we arrived at ours we were immediately greeted by a security car and driver equipped with maps and leaflets we loaded up and off we went. We all reported receiving a warm response from residents in our designated areas. We found out afterwards that around 50 members of the public had stopped and asked if they could help out, I have yet to find out how many people joined the party yesterday, but several activists reported that they had received enquiries and our Birmingham Organiser told me afterwards that soon after he pushed a leaflet through a letterbox a guy rushed out of the house waving the application form at him wanting to join on the spot. I hope we find out how many enquiries and new members were received throughout the day.

After three solid hours of leafleting we met up and were taken to the rendezvous point for the rally, after a brief detour due to a brand new road and my TomTom not being updated, we eventually arrived and were immediately greeted by a sea of flags and placards. I would estimate easily around 500 people already there when we arrived with several more car loads arriving long after. We stood briefly on a grass bank overlooking the main A50 where we saw Keith Brown’s widow being interviewed by Simon Darby and witnessed several passing cars sounding their horns and cheers in support.

As we made our way over to the Truth Truck, we saw the Party Chairman Nick Griffin and one of the Stoke Councillors, Alby Walker, being interviewed by what we assumed were local reporters. It was then I realised I had not taken many photographs. The only way to do this now was to hold my camera in the air, aim and hope for the best, the results not being too bad I think. All photographs were taken from different angles which shows how many were there and shows the left and media report that only 300 turned up look like the usual deliberate underestimation.

The speeches from Alby Walker, Michael Coleman, Simon Darby and Nick Griffin were made from the Truth Truck which had made its debut appearance that day. The two fantastic Stoke Councillors spoke poignantly about their personal memories of Keith Brown and how the Brown Family had turned to the BNP when all other authorities in Stoke refused to listen.
All in all a successful, eventful but extremely tiring day was had by all.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

North West Leicestershire Party

Last night we attended a party in rural North West Leicestershire, thrown for the BNP candidate Nick Porter and all the people involved in the recent election in Melton Mowbray. Amongst the people present were, Carol, Maurice and Mark Collett, Wayne and Sam McDermott, Geoff Dickens, John Ryde, Cllrs Ian Meller, Graham Partner and Cathy Duffy. The Melton election resulted in the BNP beating the Conservatives by 236 votes to 177, but losing out to Labour by a mere 72 votes, which shows the BNP making serious in roads in rural Leicestershire. Figures show that 32.5% of voters turned out to vote British National Party. Well done to all involved.

Maurice Collett took the opportunity to announce the total raised in the East Midlands for his recent sponsored bike ride from Rothley to Skegness being a whopping £4065. This fantastic amount has beaten all hopes and expectations and will be added to the amount already collated for the East Midlands Euro Election Fund 2009.

During the evening Carol Collett presented our dedicated and hard working East Midlands Press Officer John Ryde with a surprise birthday cake for his recent 70th birthday. John really is the unsung hero of the East Midlands. Happy Birthday John from Broxtowe BNP.

Pictured are Wayne McDermott, John Ryde, Cllr Ian Meller and Maurice Collett.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Stoke Day of Action on Saturday 20th September

A day of action is being organised in Stoke in memory of family man Keith Brown who was murdered by Habib Khan his muslim neighbour. Khan stabbed Keith on the front garden of his home in front of his children. For this he received an unjustifiable sentence of 8 years.

This day of Action has been called by BNP Party Chairman Nick Griffin in protest of the way in which the whole case has been handled. Keith Brown and his family turned to the BNP for help when all other local authorities turned their backs. For this, the disgusting British media have implied that because Keith became a BNP activist, he somehow deserved to die.

Broxtowe BNP will be sending representatives to Stoke, so if you are planning to go then we will need to know numbers attending as soon as possible, if you can help out with transport please contact Nina on 07891 216822.