Sunday, 28 September 2008

Activism in Broxtowe

Whilst leafleting in Stoke last week with a couple of Broxtowe members that had driven over to help out, they asked me if I minded them distributing leaflets in around their own areas, now these offers come around only once in a blue moon, so today I had a drive over to deliver a few hundred copies of the Voice of Freedom and a box of leaflets. No BNP leaflet has ever been distributed in this area before so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

We already have regular leafleting sessions in place and a vast area has been covered in Broxtowe already which has resulted in a fantastic response, but the further we can spread the word the better. The group is definitely growing, it is attracting a lot of interest, not only from our own activism but also just by talking to people, their dismay and fury about state of the country today and fear of what lies ahead. There is no longer trust in LibLabCon, people are now looking for an alternative. The BNP are that alternative.

If you would like to join our leafleting team, please contact me, details are on this website.

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