Friday, 26 September 2008

Arthur Kemp speaks in Ashfield

Yet another hectic evening at yet another successful East Midlands meeting, this time the venue was in Ashfield. Mick Clarke the Ashfield Organiser chaired the meeting which saw "The return of Arthur Kemp" said to be the party's number one speaker. Arthur spoke at an Ashfield meeting earlier this year, he was so popular many people demanded his return. When you have heard one of Arthur's dynamic speeches you will understand why.

The evening began with Mick talking about the huge BNP interest in the Ashfield area, which has only really begun in the last couple of years when Mick took over the Ashfield Group, I was present at his very first meeting of which there were only a handful of people, this has since been transformed into a highly successful group with over a hundred present at tonights meeting. Second to speak was Selston Parish Councillor and Parent Governor, Darran Burke who spoke about his experiences when first being elected onto a Parish Council, he recalls initially being treated with caution and how perceptions quickly changed with other councillors contacting him for help. Their misconceptions regarding both him and the BNP totally unfounded.

Arthur, as usual, had everyone mesmerised as he spoke about the way in which the British people have suffered years of anti white racism from the rotten establishment. He spoke about the recent looney left protest at the Chinese invasion of Tibet destroying the Tibetan culture and heritage, saying that the invasion is disgusting and immoral can they really not see the irony? Yes it is disgusting, but why is mass immigration and why are illegal asylum seekers welcomed with open arms into Britain? Proof in itself that there is an unmistakable agenda here to destroy our British culture, heritage and freedom. Something that cannot and will not be allowed to happen. Anyone that endorses this daily anti white racism in several guises, as the Black Police Association, Miss Black Great Britain. Black Firefighters Association, Asian Police Association, etc etc etc. spits on the graves of the thousands upon thousands of young men that gave their lives to ensure the freedom of this country.

At the end of the meeting Arthur auctioned a signed copy of his book "The March of the Titans" which raised £70 for the Ashfield Group along with £200 taken during the collection.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words folks. There is a certain amount of self satisfaction in overseeing this dramatic growth in the Ashfield Group (soon to be a Branch!) but thanks must really go to all those who have helped along the way - the unsung heroes who pound the streets for no personal gain other than the feeling that in some small way they are helping the fightback to save our country.

As for Arthur, he really is electric. The feedback from the many 'first time' attendees was 110% positive - they were mesmerised!
Special thanks must go to Councillor Darran, he is always willing to step into the breach and comes up with a different topic everytime.
All in all our most successful meeting, and we're still learning.
Onwards and upwards.
Ashfield BNP

Anonymous said...

in my opinion arthur is at the moment the best speaker in the party,he made my hairs stand up on the back of my neck . not felt this since heard JT for the first time. good meeting well organised well attended .
martyn page