Sunday, 7 September 2008

North West Leicestershire Party

Last night we attended a party in rural North West Leicestershire, thrown for the BNP candidate Nick Porter and all the people involved in the recent election in Melton Mowbray. Amongst the people present were, Carol, Maurice and Mark Collett, Wayne and Sam McDermott, Geoff Dickens, John Ryde, Cllrs Ian Meller, Graham Partner and Cathy Duffy. The Melton election resulted in the BNP beating the Conservatives by 236 votes to 177, but losing out to Labour by a mere 72 votes, which shows the BNP making serious in roads in rural Leicestershire. Figures show that 32.5% of voters turned out to vote British National Party. Well done to all involved.

Maurice Collett took the opportunity to announce the total raised in the East Midlands for his recent sponsored bike ride from Rothley to Skegness being a whopping £4065. This fantastic amount has beaten all hopes and expectations and will be added to the amount already collated for the East Midlands Euro Election Fund 2009.

During the evening Carol Collett presented our dedicated and hard working East Midlands Press Officer John Ryde with a surprise birthday cake for his recent 70th birthday. John really is the unsung hero of the East Midlands. Happy Birthday John from Broxtowe BNP.

Pictured are Wayne McDermott, John Ryde, Cllr Ian Meller and Maurice Collett.


Anonymous said...

A great contribution by Maurice, please let us know who is standing for the E.M. in the Euro elections.

Anonymous said...

john ryde is an unsung hero of the east midlands bnp .. paul.