Sunday, 24 August 2008

Red, White and Blue 2008

2008’s Red White and Blue Festival has to be, on all accounts, the most successful yet, despite the extreme left wing and media campaign to stop it.

Several comments I have read claim that there were only a handful of people attended this year because there were only a few cars parked in the field which is used as car park. Wishful thinking on their part, the simple truth is that an extra field was made available this year for camping which meant many attendees were able to park their cars alongside their caravans and tents. From what I've heard, the number of wristbands sold throughout the entire weekend was well over 3,000.

This year the Broxtowe stall included a selection of soft drinks, fresh fruit (supplied locally) and gollywogs, (which caused so much of a stir they managed to get a mention in the Sunday Star) together with Charnwood, Derby, North Kesteven, Melton, Leicestershire, North West Leicestershire, Ashfield, Amber Valley and East Lindsey, the East Midlands Region managed to scoop second prize for the most varied marquee. Plans are already being made to go for first place next year. Watch this space.

As the East Midlands marquee was situated right next to the Political tent, it was easier to keep popping in and out to hear the guest speakers whilst serving the steady stream of customers throughout the weekend. Along with Simon Darby’s opening address, the few political speeches we did manage to catch, from Richard Barnbrook, Arthur Kemp and Marc Abramsson from the National Democrats Party in Sweden, were outstanding. Apologies for not having a more detailed report of the weekend, we were kept extremely busy running the stall, which meant we didn’t get to visit other marquee’s. Broxtowe did manage to make a small profit, which will be put towards next year’s elections.

Even though the event had to eventually go ahead without a music or alcohol licence, there was entertainment galore, the ever popular Morris Men, fire-eating, a Punch and Judy for the children, tug of war, to name but a few. Despite a few spots of rain, the Saturday night was highlighted by the spectacular firework display by Stuart and Wendy Russell.

The whole weekend was rounded off with the entrance of Nick at his closing speech riding on the Truth Truck which was unveiled on Sunday afternoon. Nick’s speech was as rousing as ever and the site of him wiping away a few stray tears as he belted out Jerusalem, didn’t go unnoticed.

If you didn’t manage to make this year’s event, make sure you come along next year, you will be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

we had a fantastic weekend at the RWB this year, as we have for the past 5 or 6 years,our kids wouldn`t miss it for the world.
even with the opposition trying to stop people, we knew the children would be were exellent,this is the one place my little girl can actually play safely and not be attached to the end of my arm for fear of her dissappearing.
can`t wait for the next one,we will deffinately be there where ever it is held.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic event, roll on 2009!!