Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Which one do they want to ban?

The BNP's Red White & Blue Festival 2008

The BNP were denied an entertainment and alcohol licence for the annual Red White and Blue family festival, a massive campaign organised by extreme left wing groups and the media attempted to have to event banned, the BNP were then threatened with court action for holding an unlicenced Punch & Judy Show - and no we are not joking!

London Notting Hill Carnival 2008

In stark contrast, the violent Notting Hill Carnival was allowed to go ahead,
but ended with 488 arrests! 11,000 police officers were deployed at a cost to the British taxpayer of £6m. Officers were pelted with bottles, bricks and steel bars, one officer was glassed in the face.
Is this Labour's idea of multicultural harmony?

You can end this madness - vote BNP


Chris said...

The BNP had punch and judy at the RWB and threats of court.At Nottinghill carnival they have punch the copper and all will be hushed up.!

peter beeston said...

The rwb silly,its not violent enough.

millie said...

I am so sorry that we missed the Red,White and Blue.
This is a brilliant website for us.
Thanks to Nina and all concerned.
Sorry it took me so long to arrive but my google account went wobbly.

phil nott said...

30th August 1976 - More than 100 police officers are taken to Hospital after clashes at the notting hill carnival in West London. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Metropolitan police farce for refusing to employ British National Party members. This means of course that our valuable good people will not be shot, stabbed or stoned while in the employ of the corrupt nuliebour rag.

Lewis Allsebrook said...

It seems obvious to me which festival is more tasteful, fun, safe and enjoyable. The BNP's Red, White and Blue (RWB).

At RWB I feel at more ease than anywhere else in the country. Simple precautions like putting your wallet in your front pocket instead of the back become unneccessary making you feel more comfortable for a start. You can be certain that amounst the BNP's principled gathering of people there are 'No muggers.'

That's just one example of how I feel more at ease. There's many more, but just image what the country would be like if the good principles of the BNP could be spead across the nation!

I wouldn't have to shove as much crap in my front pockets for a start!