Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Racial Equality and Harmony?

In relation to my previous post which shows in black and white (excuse the pun) that racism is alive and well in Britain today but only if you are white working class, I have recently received a job application form for a national company. Ironically the Equality form which was included in the pack clearly states that if I am white, British, I will excluded from the selection process. (Click the image to enlarge it).

However, nowhere on the form does it state that anyone cannot be a member of the IRA, Animal Liberation Front, Al Qaeda or any other crank religious fanatic or Islamic terrorist organisation. They clearly would be permitted to work for this company.

Surely this cannot be legal? Personally, I am no terrorist, neo nazi, criminal or anything else that would seemingly jeopardise this company's interests. I am a member of a legal British political party. How am I a threat? It is because I represent a party that threatens to push corrupt noses out of troughs, I oppose the warped agenda that this government adheres to.

So the policy is racial equality and harmony is it? It is a shame the very same government did not enforce racial equality and harmony on the vile mobs rampaging through our cities streets over the last week or so in so called "protests" over the Gaza situation.

My last two posts clearly shows that racism is evidently alive and well if you are white and working class in Nu Labour's Britain and would continue to be so under a Blue Labour Britain.
So would I really want to work for such an openly discriminatory and racist organisation anyway? As they say, I will be keeping their details on file for future reference.

There is only one way to end discrimination against our own people, by voting BNP in the County elections and the Euro elections in June!!!


Islamically Aware said...


The majority of British voters now believe that religion is the most divisive issue in Britain today . Needless to say, this doesn't involve drunken brawls between Catholics and Anglicans, but instead reflects concern about the growth of the paedophilic murder-cult.

Although there is unease about Islam, this hasn't yet taken a tangible form in the public consciousness. If it had, then everybody apart from the morbidly suicidal would be voting for the BNP.

I think one of the main reasons that this unease has not yet transformed itself into justifiable anxiety and fear, is that people don't realise just how much of a clear and present danger Islam really is, and how little time is left before we are overwhelmed .

The voters need to be educated to understand and express their fears by learning about the full horrors of Islam's implacable supremacism, it's unrelenting hostility to all non-Muslims , and its intrinsically violent, predatory tribal savagery .

The public also need to be immunised against propaganda from Muslims and their grovelling dhimmis by being made aware of taqiyya (holy deception) - the sacred Muslim practice of lying to further the cause of Islam .

Finally, the voters need to understand why the Labour and Conservative establishment are so paralysed by political correctness, that they are incapable of facing the threat and continue to repeat the BIG LIE about Islam being a religion of peace etc.

A few years ago a Muslim organisation used to run an annual event called Islamic Awareness Week . Well the BNP can do fifty times better BY MAKING EVERY WEEK ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK!

We need to educate our fellow Britons so that their 'gut-feeling' about Islam turns into well-informed Islamic Awareness, which will inevitably translate into votes for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I see that NuLabour have hired a US consultancy firm, Blue State Digital, to run their anti-BNP campaign: http://www.bnp-chronicle.com/2009/01/obamas-former-web-team-to-challenge-bnp.html

Blue State Digital appear to be bulls**t merchants of the first magnitude. Here's a quote from their website at http://www.bluestatedigital.com/pages/tools-community
"With our social points system, your users accumulate community karma by participating online."

'Community karma' - this may be all the rage in California, but somehow I don't see it catching on in British West Cumbria.

Perhaps the No-Hope Haters should remember the definition of a consultant: "Someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time then tries to sell the watch back to you." But I suppose by calling Blue State in they have admitted just how incompetent they are.

Of course I don't mind them wasting their money on whatever they like, but what I object to is them wasting MY money. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm funding this taqiyya-fest through my tax-payments.

But no matter how much money they throw at the project, it won't do them any good if they're trying to prove the impossible. You could spend billions on persuading people that a triangle has four sides, or Gordon Brown was a financial genius, and still no-one would believe you.

To be succesful Blue State have got to persuade the British people that:

(1) Immigration is beneficial to them.
(2) Immigrants are at least as law-abiding as natives.
(3) Islam is NOT a threat.
(4) Massive immigration does NOT result in environmental degradation, housing shortages and overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

Blue State Digital have been hired by NuLabour's associates to run a massive e-mail smear campaign againt the BNP.

Blue State Digital pay internet service providers (ISP's) to put them on a 'white-list': "Our anti-spam whitelist relationships -- among the strongest in the industry -- make sure that your email is deliverable, even to Internet service providers with high diversion rates. " http://www.bluestatedigital.com/pages/tools-email/

The 'white list' allows them to distribute unsolicited 'viral' spam emails provided there aren't too many customer complaints. "Companies either pay for a time period to be allowed to e-mail their customers or the companies pay per complaint received by the ISP from their customers. These payments per complaint increase incrementally: ie. The first 10 complaints are $10 each. The next 10 are $20 each." from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitelist

So if you receive their e-mails, COMPLAIN LIKE HELL! It will cost them dearly.

Go viral with this information!!!