Sunday, 15 February 2009


The old school LIB/LAB/CON politicians in Broxtowe are holding a series of debates between their parliamentary candidates. Broxtowe BNP contacted both Nick Palmer (Broxtowe Labour MP) and prospective Conservative MP Anna Soubry, to see if our Parliamentary Candidate would be invited to join the debate, to which we received a resounding NO, apparently because the BNP holds no seats in the Broxtowe Parliamentary area.

As the BNP won a seat on Broxtowe Borough Council in Brinsley, which is part of the Ashfield Parliamentary area, that does not count. We pushed both Nick Palmer and Anna Soubry (the Conservative General Election Rival) but both were insistent that they were unwilling to share a stand with the BNP. So what exactly are they afraid of?

The second in a series of 4 debates brought together the activists (and maybe a non-aligned member of the public) of the 3 old School parties in one room. All 40 of them! Yes that’s right the three main parties can’t muster more than 40 people between them. The last local BNP meeting in the Broxtowe area attracted over 100 people. Such a low turn out seems to suggest that nobody is interested in what the LIBLABCON have to say. So what out of touch things are the above threesome and their followers saying to put off and distance people. Here’s some examples from the meeting:-

NICK PALMER: “DO NOT PANIC, If you are under direct threat [of being made redundant] talk to the support services available, talk to the bank, and as your MP, I will do my best to advise people on retaining and other options” So what has happened to the jobs we’re already trained in?!

ANNA SOUBRY “I think unemployment will be a real problem” Really how informative! Tell me something I don’t know?

DAVID WATTS “the best thing we can do is get rid of this government” So what will you do when Labour are gone then?!

LIBLABCON ACTIVIST “The most significant thing discussed was Gaza” This affects Broxtowe? How?!

If you think the above trio need to be put under more pressure why not go along and ask them some pressing questions at the next in the series of Events;

Friday February 27th at Trowell Parish Hall, Trowell (7pm-9pm)

Stapleford March 27th Time and place TBC

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