Monday, 18 May 2009

Righteous anger - political action!

The British National Party believes in telling the truth, even if it is uncomfortable to hear or offensive to those who would rather bury their heads in the sand than face the real problems in our society.

But while we often pass quite critical comment on the impact of immigration, multiculturalism and alien religions on the indigenous people of our lands, we have absolutely no animosity towards immigrants, their descendants or the followers of non native religions.

Nor do we intend to encourage others to feel such animosity, or believe that anything we have to say is likely to "stir up hatred" against anyone. In fact, we believe that by providing a peaceful and Constitutional outlet for the anger and the frustration felt by millions of our people over the undemocratic transformation of our country by our political masters, the BNP actually defuses tensions.

Where there is hate we seek to turn it into righteous anger and political action against the only people who deserve to be hated - the politicians who use our taxes to turn our country into a place where we often feel like strangers in our own land.

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