Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Greasley by election - Thursday 26th February

Above are a couple of pictures taken recently on the Greasley by election campaign trail. Thanks to everyone that has given up their time to help out, our own Broxtowe members, Derby, Erewash and special thanks to Lewis in Amber Valley and to Michael Clark in Ashfield, also a special thanks to John Ryde.

I would like to add that although our leaflets state that we are the only political party that opposes the EU, what we really should have said is that we are the only credible party that opposes the EU.

Whilst the BNP are awake and growing...UKIP!!


Anonymous said...

Notice the guy in the second picture, the one near the centre with the light coat and TWO packs of leaflets!
If I was a lying labour politician I would claim that as undeniable proof that he is the fastest leafletter!

Anonymous said...

If we oppose the EU why as nationalists are we wanting to join?Please explain how we are going to leave the EU.