Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Broxtowe BNP call for resignation of Brinsley Borough Councillor

Broxtowe BNP are calling for the resignation of Broxtowe Borough Councillor Sadie Graham-Single with leaflets distributed throughout the village of Brinsley.

Sadie was elected to the Brinsley Ward in May 2007 as a BNP Borough Councillor. However, after a sudden unexplained change in political stance in December 2007, Cllr Graham had her BNP party membership terminated.

After leaving Brinsley recently, she has resigned her unpaid Parish Council seat, but still retains her Broxtowe Borough Council position.

Broxtowe BNP Group believe this situation to be unfair to the residents of Brinsley as Cllr Graham-Single no longer resides in the village. Therefore we believe she should now do the honourable thing by resigning her seat to give Brinsley residents the opportunity to elect another BNP Borough Councillor.

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