Saturday, 18 April 2009

Racism is not what you have been told!

By the South Lincolnshire Branch of the Christian Council of Britain.

I wanted to share with you an excellent article from the above organisation, which I think is important for everyone to be aware of. As the BNP election campaign intensifies, so will the smears and lies of the opposition.

Recent events in South Lincolnshire have raised awareness about the issues of mass migration, multi cultural divisions, excessive building and population over growth in this part of England. These have in turn heightened concerns about bigotry, prejudice and "positive" racial discrimination against the native population - by developers, gang masters and by Labour propoganda in the schools and colleges doing down our culture and identity. We here seek to inform local people about the shocking facts of mass immigration and to allay their fears about certain accusations which are made against them by persons who are poorly informed and who ought to know better.

A great deal of misinformation is being put out about what racism is. The media talk as if racism is where YOU do not wish to throw your country away or let it go down the drain. But such a definition is rather perverse. We in the Christian Council of Britain certainly think so. Racism is in fact the exact reverse of what you have been told. Racism is where someone seeks to destroy, oppress or subjugate a race or people in its own homeland and not where YOU try to preserve YOUR own culture and identity in what is after all YOUR country. Racism also includes denying that YOU are a people. But surely we native Brits, who have lived here for centuries, are just as much a people as all the other ethnic groups who have just come here. The British, surely do have the right to seek to preserve themselves (and their identity and culture) in their own country! That is not asking a great deal, is it?

It is not the British peole who are now colonising the Third World; rather it is the globe trotting banksters and the super rich who want to populate Britain with cheap labour from wherever just so that they can increase their short term profit margin. The result is that the native Brit is replaced in large chunks of his homeland and being displaced, by the same process, to the outer rim of his country and cities. Not very wise and not very Christian. Doesn't that make us the victims of racism at the hands of a massive tide of immigration? And it is now beginning to affect even the once quiet and peaceful areas of Lincolnshire. But how long will Lincolnshire remain tranquil an rural in the face of such a tidal wave coming soon near you? We are already seeing increased burdens on our countryside, schools, jobs, infrastructure, language services and police facilities - not to mention inflation busting increases in our council taxes to pay for the alleged benefit of all this.

Clearly it would be wrong to blame the mass wave of migration on the migrants and immigrants themselves. They are just being used as cheap labour for those who already have too much. The only body really to blame are the politicians who seem to lack both the insight and foresight to avoid forseeable evils. The three main cringe parties Labour, Lib Dem and CONservative) present such a tidal wave as if it were "enrichment" and will bully you with talk of "racism" if you are not convinced by such slick and ridiculous talk. Our answer to this is that they need to get a brain and whilst they are at it, they need to get a backbone too!

70% of the British people want an end to this tidal wave and over 55% of the Black Minority Ethnic population agree - even though they are immigrants or the descendants of recent immigrants, themselves. They can see, as well as we can, that Britain is full up, and divided enough as it is. It is now time to say "NO" to such a tidal wave and to do our bit to make Britain our home once again - it is the only home we have got.

This is the Christian thing to do, as well. It is because of this that the Christian Council of Britain has stepped in to provide a decent and sensible answer. That answer must come from Christianity's great source book, the Holy Bible and NOT from Church leaders, however wise or foolish. The answer found in the Bible is very clear and sensible: we should start to value our country and not throw it away. It is a precious gift from God which is not to be thrown back at Him nor turned into a world waste paper basket for the ruin of all and everyone. We should certainly help foreigners where we can but this is best done by helping them to make the most of their own countries - which are now independent, it should certainly not be at the cost of ruining our own country.

The Holy Bible is quite clear - in both the Jewish Old Testament and the Christian New Testament - that it is the will of God that we should live in our nations and that each nation is to have its own country. This is for all peoples, including our own - the people who have made Britain what it is. Marxists, and other ill informed persons, like to call this racism - not realising that it is in fact the exact opposite!!!

So, remember that the next time some ill-informed person tries to call you something nasty for being both decent, normal and reasonable - they are the ones who best fit the bill, without them even realising it! Not very clever and not very Christian!

Hitler sought to turn Poland into Lebensraum (living space) for the Third Reich;

Gordon Brown of New Labour and David Cameron of the CONservatives seek to turn Britain into living space for the Third World: What is the difference?

You can link to the Christian Council of Britain website from here

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