Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Election campaigning the LibLabCon way

Leaflets highlighting BNP members details have been distributed in some areas of Toton recently. Now, leaflets distributed during an election, by law, should have the printed and published imprint on, making them illegal.

So, just who is behind this latest stunt, well of course, high on the list of suspects are the local Labour funded Hate not Hope / Searchlies goons, (let me just state that it is not solely a Labour hobby, David Cameron openly endorses Searchlight). The hope of intimidating the local members there has backfired as all the said members have shown their determination to stand up to the political dirty tricks and have all signed the BNP nomination forms and we would like to thank them all.

Incidentally, one quick thinking member spotted the "getaway" car and has kindly passed on the vehicle registration number to us for future reference.

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