Thursday, 15 April 2010

Introducing Broxtowe's BNP Parliamentary candidate

Dear voters,

I am very pleased to have been selected to represent the British National Party in the forthcoming parlimentary elections for the Broxtowe constituency.

I am married with a young family and run a small property maintenance business in Leicester.

Unlike many career politicians, i have lived, worked in the real world. I have been brought up on council estates, have had varied jobs from factory floor to management, and have faced redundancy and the hardships that many people and their families face today.

The BNP represents the electorate with a real alternative to the 3 failed parties, we are not afraid to tackle the issues of Immigration, membership of the EU, and policies in Health, housing and education that will put "British people first" instead of treating you like second class citizens in your own Country. The BNP were the party who first exposed the expenses scandal and pledge to continue to expose corruption and greed if elected to serve on your behalf.

My main policy is simple, "Honesty". I will offer you a down to earth and honest approach to political representation and will speak up for local people on the issues that concern you.

I will not take the excessive allowances claimed by many corrupt Members of Parliament, and will pledge to donate 10% of my salary to local groups/charites in the Broxtowe constituency. My drive to become an elected member of parliament is not financially driven, but it is for a passion and conviction in what i and the BNP stand for.

Do not let the three main parties mis-rule you for another term, remember expenses, illegal wars in both iraq and afghanistan, the country bankrupted when you go to cast your vote,

On 6th May, the electorate has a real alternative, a chance for real change! So if you are a seasoned voter or a first timer please support change, and consider supporting the BNP in Broxtowe.


Constituents can email me directly


Anonymous said...

glad to see we are standing in broxtowe .i would like to wish all the broxtowe activist the best of luck. james

Anonymous said...

the very best of luck to the BNP in broxtowe, it really is time for change!

good luck mike