Sunday, 18 April 2010

More hypocrisy from Labour

A little snippet which caught my eye whilst reading Labour MP Nick Palmer's latest newsletter made me laugh out loud.

my disagreements with them are over their policies and campaigning tactics (Lib Dems and Tories)

I persist in thinking that there is a real appetite for politics that isn't defined by mud-slinging

Now let's just take a little look at the video below showing Labour funded Communist thugs attacking a peaceful BNP protest in Croydon last week. Now let's be fair, we cannot just blame Labour for the endorsement of such tactics, David Cameron is also an open supporter of the Communist front group, Searchlight. Pure hatred bought and paid for by our hard earned taxes.

This is how the cosy three in a bed LibLabCon parties like to treat any political opposition.

Whatever happened to letting the people decide?

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