Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Zadrozny axed from Notts Police Authority

A PROMINENT district councillor and prospective parliamentary candidate has been axed from Notts Police Authority due to non attendance.

Coun Jason Zadrozny was dropped after the decision taken by the Authority's vice chairman Kamaljit Gill was confirmed at an authority business meeting last Wednesday.

The leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Ashfield District Council, Coun Zadrozny is the prospective Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Ashfield.

He had been a council member of Notts Police Authority since last October.

Speaking earlier today Nottingham City Council leader Coun Jon Collins, chairman of the authority's recently created Change Management Board, said: "The rule under the authority's standing orders is that you have to attend a certain number of meetings and if you cannot you need to give apologies.

We expect a new Liberal Democrat council member of the authority to be appointed after the General Election."

Coun Zadrozny admitted his attendance record at police authority meetings had been poor, but said it was largely due to clashes with Ashfield District Council meetings and a lack of notice given to members of the authority over forthcoming meeting dates.

"We are three weeks away from a General Election and this is a political decision," said Coun Zadrozny.

"This is a prime example of the cosy consensus of Labour and the Tories who have been desperately trying to get rid of me.

"It does not surprise me one bit.

"I have worked on behalf of Nottinghamshire Police Authority every single day, on the phone to or at meetings with police officers.

"I'm not going quietly an I still think policing is dire in Nottinghamshire. I've not seen anything in all these reviews about how it will be fixed. The only thing I wanted to do was help improve policing and reduce crime."

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