Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Costa living

Having just returned from a much needed break in the Spanish sun in what we had hoped would be a complete break from the ever increasing stresses and worries of life in Britain today. Those hopes were somewhat dashed when we made the fatal mistake of finding we could watch Sky News in our hotel room, which meant we couldn't even briefly escape the financial horrors unfolding back home and the uncertainty of what the future will hold for us personally.

Amongst the usual holiday snaps I couldn't resist taking this photo, it was taken only a few hundred yards away from our hotel, I very much doubt it is the British ex pats they are referring to in this graffiti, which is rife right across the town. It only goes to prove to anyone currently toying with the idea of leaving Britain in the hope finding utopia, think again. We are certainly not alone with our problems and leaving Britain will only mean swapping one set of problems for another.

There is only one way to win this fight, that is by standing firm together, Britain is slowly being dismantled and sold off piece by piece to the highest bidder, our banks, our utilities, our football teams, the list grows day by day. By electing a British National Party government we MUST ensure our beloved country is returned once again to its rightful owners.

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