Saturday, 25 October 2008

School visit to Derby Mosque

Above as promised, the offending letter which I mention previously, it quite clearly shows the intention of the school (details of which I have omitted), to take the young children on a visit to a Derby mosque.

In no point in the letter does the Head Teacher mention the word Islam or Mosque, but the intention is clear. Why are they hiding this from the parents, not of teenagers, old enough to have their own opinion, but very young children.

Just what is going on in our British schools, why are our children learning about alien cultures and traditions before our own? I am sure this is now widespread practice and it comes on the day our own government has given the seal of approval for Sharia Courts to deal with divorce and family matters. It is one step away from Sharia ruling for crime and punishment also. Read the report here

If you still do not believe Britain is slowly being Islamified by stealth, you need to wake up.

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Phil Nott said...

The words ''HEAD SCARF'' should give you a clue