Thursday, 23 October 2008

Your country needs you!

It isn't all work, work, work, we do find some time to relax. Pictured are some of the local activists after a leafleting session recently.

If you would like to help out with our election campaigns and you live in the Broxtowe area you can contact us via the details above. If would like to help and live in Amber Valley contact Cllr Lewis Allsebrook on 07908 759692. Ashfield Organiser is Mick Clarke, you can reach him on 07977 469436.

Support and interest is growing at an incredible rate both locally and nationally, but we can never have enough help, we can never put out too many leaflets. If you are sickened by what you see on the news and read in the papers, don't just sit at home hoping that someone else will do something about it. You can do something, there will be a BNP group or branch near you, contact them and offer your help. If you are not sure then you can call the national enquiry line on 0871 0500232 or 0871 0500 233, they will put you in touch with your nearest organiser or contact.

Together we will win our country back!

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