Saturday, 18 October 2008

Richard Barnbrook speaks at Amber Valley meeting

East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens opened Thursday night's meeting and introduced Amber Valley Organiser Cllr Lewis Allsebrook, who gave an impressive powerpoint presentation showing the progress made in Amber Valley during recent election campaigns, his hopes for the future and how we in both Ashfield and Broxtowe areas are working together closely to ensure future BNP successes in the region.

After a short break Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook gave a rousing account of his experiences alongside London Mayor Boris Johnson and the rest of the Greater London Assembly. His almost word for word account of the recent proposed "amnesty" by all the main parties, including the environmentally unfriendly Greens, for all illegal immigrants currently residing in London. Richard being the only London Assembly member that spoke out against this appalling motion, giving a rather humourous account of the other parties horror reaction to his opposition, for this Richard receive a well deserved standing ovation.

A collection raised over £200 along with sales of Excalibur merchandise and a raffle, all funds raised during the evening will be going towards next year's Euro campaign in Amber Valley.

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