Friday, 28 November 2008

Another ex Labour Councillor defects to BNP

Over 60 people attended the inaugural meeting of the new Bolsover BNP Group on Thursday night in Langwith. Not a bad turnout considering it was all done by word of mouth. Local residents turned out to support the new group lead by Paul Harford an Ex Labour Town Councillor for 14 years. Paul says, "I was a member of the Labour Party for 18 years, but they no longer represent the British people. It is time the hard working taxpaying people of Britain could vote for a Party that put their interests first."
The once thriving the ex mining community was brought to its knees during the 80's by closure Shirebrook and Langwith pits putting hundreds of local people out of work.

Hope appeared briefly on the horizon in 2006, when Sports World began developing a huge factory outlet in the area only to be quickly dashed when realisation that the jobs would only be made available to cheap Eastern European workers. Read the Mansfield Chad Newspaper report here

The meeting was opened by Shirebrook contact, David Key who spoke about his reasons for joining the BNP and how as an ex miner, he feels let down by past and present governments, how local people have been ignored for too long and how the British people as a nation are becoming second class citizens in their own country. He urged local people to stand together, which many did by joining the Party on the night, others took home membership forms for family members and friends.

Next to speak was John Ryde, East Midlands Press Officer, followed after a break and collection, by Geoff Dickens the East Midlands Regional Organiser, who both stressed the importance of supporting the new group and helping out by becoming active members.

A collection and raffle combined raised over £120, of which some will be put towards local leaflets for forthcoming recruitment drives.
NB. Paul says since our meeting the phone has not stopped ringing with people wanting to join and to find out how they can become active.

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