Saturday, 1 November 2008

November - White History Month


Press Statement -- 1 November 2008

The British National Party has launched White History Month this November in response to calls from the British public following yet another officially-endorsed Black History Month in October.

The BNP, its youth wing, the Young BNP, and its dedicated white British history web site,, has launched a nationwide campaign for White History Month, starting on November 1st.

This campaign will consist of leaflets and campaign literature distributed across the country, with special emphasis on university towns and cities, with the aim of gaining support and recognition for White History Month.

The BNP’s advertising lorry, the Truth Truck, will also be utilised in this campaign.

The campaign is a response to the annual Black History Month held every October. Black History Month is endorsed by the government, politicians, the BBC and other state institutions. There are exhibitions, websites, events and initiatives in schools, universities, colleges, town halls and city centres in Britain and all over the world.

The BNP has no problem with anybody wishing to celebrate Black History Month, which allows Black people to celebrate their identity, explore their heritage and show pride in their achievements.

The BNP would like to see all races and nationalities doing the same thing. It is only with pride and knowledge of who we are and where we came from, that we will all learn to live together in this world.

This is why the British National Party, Youth BNP, Student BNP and our historical group British Pride, is giving its full support to official White History Month. During this month all White people around the world – and in Britain -- will celebrate will their history and heritage with pride.

The BNP hopes that White History Month will attract the same level of funding, public recognition and support from politicians and celebrities which Black History Month has drawn.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I hope it takes off and gets the backing it deserves.

phil nott said...

When I was at school we uses to have a blackboard and white chalk. Now we have a whiteboard and black ink. What a brilliant idea!! Now the black gets rubbed off and the white stays.