Saturday, 15 November 2008

More anti white racism

We saw this advert on tv recently and thought it rather odd that in Nu Labour's multicultural NuBritain, with 99.9% of tv adverts and soaps force feeding diversity to us daily, there seems to be no diversity in this government funded advert warning that they are closing in on "benefit cheats."

In yet another blatant display of anti white racism from this traitorous government they seek to yet again brainwash the masses by portraying the myth that ONLY whites are abusing the benefit system, we know this is simply not true.

We have no qualms in agreeing we have more than enough of our people scrounging from the British taxpayers, but they are not on their own, far from it.

We think it's about time they showed a stark warning that they are also closing in on illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, but we won't hold our breath.

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Anonymous said...

I am getting quite sick of the adverts now and also the soaps are beginning to get a little bit brainwashing.
Peter Barlow and his wife were both white."am I srill allowed to say that"
Their son seems to be of mixed race.Maybe it's just my eyesight.