Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Membership List Leak - Statement from Party Chairman, Nick Griffin

A number of members have expressed concern over the ‘leak’ of an old BNP membership list onto several crank internet forums. The list is essentially genuine, but has been slightly modified.
Presumably in an attempt to cause further mischief, it appears that a number of individuals who were not at the time, or who are not and never have been members of the party, have been added.
The vast majority of names and addresses on it are, however, from the November 2007 membership and skills list kept by a former head of administration of the party. This is the same list that was used to send via snail mail the bogus British Nationalist members’ bulletins last December and January.
Detailed analysis by our membership department proves conclusively that the core list dates from between 30th November and 2nd December 2007.
We have already sent formal demands to the web hosts to remove the list, pointing out to them that the fact that the publication of this year-old list constitutes Contempt of Court because a court order preventing its release or use was made and consented to by the group of disgraced former employees who first misappropriated it.
The web hosts’ legal department has already acknowledged receipt of our detailed analysis and demands. A solicitor has been asked to consider the implications of this for the final stages of that legal action, which is still not concluded, and we will be taking advice as to what can be done by way of enforcement of the Contempt of Court order.
One good thing here is that even former doubters will now be able to see that we were absolutely right to take court action, regardless of the potential cost, in order to try to secure our members’ right to privacy. While we regret that this has now failed, we did at least try, and we have since radically changed procedures to avoid a repeat of this problem in the future, as well as getting rid of the staff members behind this disgraceful act of treachery.
We have also already made a complaint to Dyfed-Powys Police and will be giving formal statements shortly to support our demand for a serious and thorough police investigation into a series of very serious potential crimes, including breaches of the Data Protection Act, theft and receipt of stolen goods, and breaches of the Human Rights Act. Unless those involved have been extremely careful to cover their tracks, they are liable to find themselves in very serious trouble - and in prison.
Although it is not normally our practice to either confirm or deny whether any individual is a member, in the case of any of those whose names have apparently been maliciously added to this list suffering any problems as a result we will gladly confirm their non-membership status.
Genuine members who are concerned over possible problems that could arise may like to note that even the leftist bigots of the General Teaching Council accepted openly at Adam Walker’s disciplinary hearing yesterday that he had every right to be a teacher and a member of the British National Party. The fire service has already accepted the same point.
While the GTC’s use of a technical infringement of a rule that Adam had never been told about is obviously motivated by political malice, the fact remains that police officers and prison warders are the only people whose jobs involve a specific (and probably illegal) ban on them being members and candidates as long as they do not bring their politics into the workplace.
The recent Equality Act makes it clear that discrimination against an individual on political grounds constitutes a breach of contractual employment law. In the highly unlikely event of any individual one of our many thousands of members being ‘exposed’ to their employers and suffering discrimination as a result, a substantial compensation pay-out will be on the cards.
We would recommend very strongly that anyone who believes this might become as issue for them joins the independent nationalist trade union Solidarity straight away. While leftist unions will turn their backs on - or even demand the persecution of - BNP members, Solidarity has already built up a great record of fighting and winning cases for its members. The time when our opponents could bully our people with impunity are now over, but our opponents haven’t quite cottoned on to this yet.
The timing and actual aim of this leak story is blatant: It was set running on Sunday evening, when the clique who co-ordinate virtually all anti-BNP campaigns would have been confident that the following day’s kangaroo court at the General Teaching Council would take away from Adam Walker his right to teach.
Had that been the result, the verdict would have been a big news story, which would have set things up perfectly for the follow-up publicity storm about thousands of BNP members being ‘exposed’ which would have broken over the rest of the week. Without a single person on the leaked list being persecuted purely for their views (because to do so is illegal), the public would have been left with the impression that the two stories were connected and that all of them would be hounded out like Adam was supposed to be on Monday.
Thanks to the shock legal victory by Adam Walker’s Solidarity union rep Pat Harrington, however, the GTC has, as has already been noted, been forced to confirm that there is no chance of him or anyone else being sacked for their political views or active involvement. So the leaked list story is going to fail to achieve anything except a fresh burst of great credibility publicity for the BNP.
It is also important for anyone who is a bit concerned to understand that there is nothing new here and that today’s news does not in fact reflect any real threat against any patriot. Thanks to the treachery of the now long-dissipated Searchlight-linked rebel faction, the entire list has not only already been bombarded with lie-filled anti-BNP propaganda, but it has also without doubt been available to the far-left for the best part of a year already.
Fortunately, however, the laws brought in to prevent animal rights extremists from harassing their opponents also serve as a huge deterrent to the use of such information to harass our members.
It is to be expected that the press will trawl the list for a nationwide version of the story which broke in the Guardian when their undercover journalist Ian Cobain provided them with details of BNP members in London back in December 2006.
At the time this led to a huge fuss not only about lead English Ballet dancer Simone Clarke, but also a member of staff at Buckingham Palace, medical practitioners, City high-flyers and other figures of note.
Once all the fuss had died down, not one of them had lost their job or suffered any other problem other than the worry to which they were unfairly subjected.
The story did, however, greatly aid our credibility and helped to break down the older image of the BNP as a party mainly for the northern working class. In the end, all such attempts to bully and intimidate our people blow up in the faces of our opponents. You can reassure any members who do come to you to express concern that this time won’t be any different.
Seasoned observers and switched-on members will recognise a clear pattern: Every December there’s a big push to try to put people off the huge ‘spike’ of members who are due to renew at the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Two years ago it was the Guardian infiltration leak, which blew up in their faces. Exactly a year ago, six months before the GLA election, there was a desperate attempt to destabilise the party and to hit our election war-chest by frightening people away - it failed and we made the big London Assembly breakthrough.
And this December, just six months before the proportional representation European Parliamentary elections give us the chance for a gigantic leap into the mainstream big-time, we get another leak intended to frighten the faint-hearted.
It was absolutely obvious that the sensational BNP by-election victory in Boston at the end of last week would spark a desperate reaction from the Establishment and their ‘plausibly deniable’ far-left allies. We effectively hoovered up the entire UKIP vote in that contest - in the area where they got their best result in the entire country in the last European elections.
This latest attack is not really directed against our own people, who are already tough-minded and know that nothing ever comes of this sort of bluster, so much as against the thousands of UKIPers who are thinking of joining us. It probably will frighten some of them, but it’s water off a duck’s back to the stout-hearts of the British National Party. Let’s enjoy the publicity bonus!

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