Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Democracy in Broxtowe?

According to his latest newsletter, Broxtowe Labour MP Nick Palmer has challenged his Broxtowe Conservative opponent Anna Soubry to another political debate. According to the Conservatives, Anna Soubry would prefer candidates from all parties to take part. All parties except the BNP it seems. Broxtowe BNP did request an invite to take part in the first debate between Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, but were turned down flat.

Here is the responses we received..

...from Labour.....

In response to your enquiry, Ms Soubry issued the challenge to me and to Mr Watts, and we have both accepted. Since the BNP did not stand here at the last election or any previous Parliamentary election, it would have been odd to invite them, and not to invite other parties (Greens, UKIP, Veritas) who did. The panel represents the parties who have councillors in the constituency; as you know, the BNP failed to win any seats here at the borough elections, though your former colleague Ms Graham won in an Ashfield ward.

Thank you for informing me of the BNP's intention to stand here at the next election.

Nick Palmer

....and from the Conservative corner...

I have nothing to add to Nicks entirely accurate assessment of why I chose to challenge him and a representative of the Lib Dems.
Thanks for the email (s).

Anna Soubry

A pretty lame excuse if ever we've heard it. Judging by the latest Broxtowe Labour Party newsletter being circulated by Nick Palmer, they would only plan to debate with opponents of their choosing, no doubt on issues of their choosing.

To quote Nick Palmer....

She (Anna Soubry) accepted at the time, but subsequently I was told by the Conservatives that she would not agree to debate me on my own, and would prefer candidates from all parties to take part. I'd rather not organise a meeting with the BNP (I'm not one of those who tries to stop them speaking, but I draw the line at actually helping them get an audience), so we compromised on further three-party meetings.

Towards the end of 2007, Labour held a public meeting in Beeston, Nottingham on the controversial subject of Immigration. During this meeting, the guest speaker, Labour MP John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, told the audience (which included a handful local BNP representatives) that Britain should be doing a lot more for asylum seekers as the British people do not give nearly enough. Nick Palmer agreed that immigration was defintely a hot topic in Britain, but was unsure whether this was because there was too much, or too little of it.

This being the case Nick we would suggest the BNP be invited along to enlighten you. What are you afraid of? With the recent defection to the BNP of ex Labour Chairman of Ashfield District Council, Edward Holmes and former Chairman of Ashfield Conservative Association, the old excuses, the BNP are knuckle-dragging skinheads resorting to intimidation, no longer wash. You know very well they are simply a cross section of society voicing the concerns of the British people today.


Wayne McDermott said...

Playing right in to your hands i am sure the voters of Broxtowe will not take to well the control these people try and hold over politics. The fact remains that BNP support is out there and growing now if they chose not to allow us a voice then we simply have to get our voice across by others means i.e. Leafletting and on local parish councils lets grow the roots then topple the bnuggers at the top. Anyway what are they so scared of surley Nick Palmer MP could win a debate with the BNP? or does he know deep down he could not handle an honest debate with real politics

Anonymous said...

I was at that meeting last November when Palmer left even some of his most ardent marxist supporters aghast with the comment 'immigration is certainly a hot topic but I'm not sure if people feel theres too much or not enough'
Just goes to show how out of touch Labour are with their core support.

Anonymous said...

martyn page.............. it shows you that nick palmer is a coward he` darnt debate with the bnp because he knows the common man agrees with what they say../.
if they dont give the bnp a platform then the ordinary man wont hear the message the bnp is giving.. stands to reason..typical coward labour

Anonymous said...

I was at that meeting too.
I had to leave before the end of the meeting because the head nodding woman and the young man with the mobile phone who was saying : "here's another BNP member and I think there's another one sitting over there" were driving me crazy.
Hopefully we will ne able to end the brainwashing soon.